The company

3D Animation ApS services a wide range of danish and international companies operating in various industries. We deliver animated movies, 3D visualizations, websites and web applications, tailored software solutions and ad-hoc work. The core of the company is our ability to visualize complex solutions and make sales and presentations inviting and appealing.

Vores produkter er relevante for alle mellemstore og store virksomheder som søger markedsførings- og salgsmateriale. Vores specielle egenskaber indenfor 3D verdenen er vores spidskompetence, men vi løser også beslægtede opgaver. Mange af vores kunder bruger os som marketingafdelingens forlængede arm der kan gøres brug af i de perioder det er nødvendigt.

Our services are relevant for many medium and larger companies seeking to invest in innovative marketing solutions and sales presentations. Our abilities within the 3D world is the core of our business, though we also offer related services. Our clients use us as an extension of their marketing department when our special skillsets are needed.


The employees of 3D Animation ApS have a broad general knowledge when speaking about IT solutions, computers and graphical design in general. Our team is very gifted with overlapping talents which our customers benefit greatly from. We offer one-stop solutions directly from the developers.

We believe in a close dialogue and open process with the customer in a creative process where you gain access directly to the "engine" by speaking directly to the artists and developers. Our focus is minded on the good process and future collaboration with every client.

Attitude and responsibilities

It is guranteed that we have a clear opinion on your project and we will let you know what we think of your idea and how to present it. The graphic design and visual expression of our productions is greatly influenced by the pride we take in our craft. It is important to us and our business strategy to create long lasting relationsships with our clients that both parties will befefit from in the long run. Our very existence is depend on strong ties with our clients.


In the year 2013 3D Animation ApS is celebrating a 10 year anniversary. The company was founded in 2003 in the city of Skanderborg where we still have our premises. The foundation of the company is a constant curiosity and knowhow combined with the facination of animated movies and visual effects. Our employees are all people with high degree of technical knowledge of the production pipeline, which means a thoroughly and qualifed answers at hand. The company was born after the first animated project was delivered in the food processing industry.

The vision

Our vision is to become a leader of preffered supplier of animated 3D movies for various industries where our specialized knowledge can move marked shares for our clients. The core is making complex understanding seem easy - thats where we make a difference!


team member
Martin Bransholm Nielsen
Partner & Managing Director

Martin is the founder of the company and has more than 10 years of ongoing business in the 3D industry.

team member
Chris Bjerregaard
Partner & Leader of the Board

Strategic sparring partner with extensive experience in business development.

Henrik Thomsen
Board member

Henrik has extensive knowledge within product devleopment, international sales and business stragegy and is CEO and Co-owner of HM Systems A/S.

Key personnel

team member
Rasmus Pape Rydahl
Project management

Rasmus connects the clients vision to the technical department and ensures a smooth and flawless process.

team member
Martin Bransholm Nielsen
Partner & Managing Director

He is the creative director and in charge of quality insurrance. He is the manager and driving force of the productions. He takes care of all inquiries.

team member
Jonas Sejr Thomsen
Software Developer / Animator

An excellent animator and extraordinary software developer. A rare match which qualifies him as one of the best in the business.

team member
Eric Schempp
Freelance 3D Animator / VFX Artist

Advanced VFX jobs such as camera tracking, particle simulation and more demanding tasks. Eric has been associated with the company for more than 5 years.

team member
Jesper Lund
3D Animator

Manages 3D lighting and rendering and creates stunning visualizations for our customers.

team member
Niels Ølgaard
Financial Controller

In charge of accounting and bookkeeping in the company.