Portion cutting and grading

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Marelec has produced equipment for the food industry since 1983. They produce systems for weighing and sorting on land and water. Our task in this project was to visualize how a portion cutting machine measures, weighs and sorts a meat product. A number of line lasers inside portion of the cutter ensures to create a 3D model of the product. From this, the density can be calculated and then cut the product into desired portion sizes, ie. by weight. Additionally visualized in the animation how a particular reject conveyor belt can weed ends and subsequent automatic sorting into different chutes depending on weight.

Other cases

Shredding scrap metal

Metso uses 3D animations for marketing and sales purposes. This enables them to show what is going on in a 50 ton scrap machine.

CUBI shelving system

Sales and marketing material for the CUBI shelving system. 3 sizes of cubes which can be connected and combined endlessly.

RocketChairs App

An interactive quotation tool for the furniture industry. Now any salesmen can create good visual representations of their setup, even on an iPad.

Streamline Animation

When education personnel in new logistics of a meat production line an animation will come in handy... See what we did for Marel.