We offer desktop publishing of printed media in high-end quality. A well thought of and graphical identity from business cards to brochure, exposition equipment and online campaigns helps your company to gain a stronger profile.

Corporate Identity Guideline

Som naturlig forlængelse af et større grafisk arbejde tilbyder vi en designmanual. Denne designmanaul har til formål at styrke marketing og salg ved optimeret brug af skrifttyper og logo. Disse retningslinjer sikrer uprofessionel og forvrængede udgaver af firmaets logoer hvilket svækker profilen. En fuld designmanual kan indeholde:

As a natural extention of a graphic design job we offer a design manual for the client. The purpose of this design manual is to strenghten sales and marketing by optimizing the usage of logos and fonts. These guidelines ensures the correct usage and thereby no distorted use of logos etc. Contents could be:

  • Brand description
  • Where and where not to use logo
  • Etiquette guidelines
  • Technical details such as color codes, margins etc.
  • Registration of logos and brands
  • Font descriptions
  • Guide to print, correct paper quality, laquer, finish and more.
  • Paper, business cards og PowerPoint / Word templates
  • Guidelines for moving images, intro - outro, logo placement, transitions, destribution channels etc.
  • Logo & Identity

    The visual reference between customer and company is created by the logo. The recognition and the association depends on the logo and is therefore an important tool in marketing. Find out which logos will work for your target audience and design your logo from parameters that satisfy your customers. A good description of the business and good references from other companies worldwide in the same industry as you, will work as a good starting point.


    Deliver a clear message with a professional printed brochure to handout to your clients. We create the layout and retouch photos, make ilustrations and more. We deliver the finished print or a masterfile if you want to manage the print production.


    Our regular customers uses us as a graphical department to handle all sorts of ad-hoc assignments. For instance: Graphics for expo stands, file handling and conversion, retouching of photos etc.