Why do we offer video?

Equipped with DSLR cameras when visiting customers we often record a lot of video referencing material. When edited this footage is suitable for various kinds of educational use and also presentation videos.


Our video productions are suitable for:

  • Company profile and presentation
  • Product presentation videoes
  • Educational videoes
  • Sales and marketing
  • Expo's
  • Hand-outs

  • Motion Graphics

    Combing footage with motion graphics raises the bar qualitywise. The post-production work we offer is in thread with the rest of our pipeline and usable for animated logos, introductions, extruded 3D text labels and similar.

    3D animation and video combined

    It can be very powerfull to combine video and animation as it gives you the best of both worlds. It is widely used in documentaries and such which you can benefit from when using us. We also offer more complex solutions such as match moving and camera tracking. This comes in handy when putting 3D content into real life footage.


    You can have your production delivered in almost any imaginable format. Single frames as files, DVD master, BluRay master (with menus etc,.), encoded video files in various formats and quality.