Good design is no longer a matter of fonts and colors. It is about a consistent design where usability is key and the users are able to find exactly they seek. To us it is important that the choices the users are presented with makes sense. General understanding of trends when it comes to web navigation is important in order to make a good solid website. The optimal website is when it respons the way the user expects while looking good and having valid professionel written code.


We offer content management systems for alle our website customers. This is typically done in an open-source system such ass Wordpress, Typo3, Umbraco or similar. We also offer development of extensions for various systems.


Better known and Search Engine Optimization. The grand opening of a new website demands traffic in order to make sense. It is important to validate and optimize the code along with the content of a site, for it to response to various serach engine webcrawlers for good and correct ranking. We offer implementation of Google tools such as AdWords and Analytics.

Responsive design

Intelligent websites knows their users. This fact is mostly used when talking about e-commerce but it is also a factor when presenting designs on different browsers. Many users have expirienced that a certain site looks odd on Mac but correct on PC. Or even faulty when browing on iOS units. We can detect what browser the users has and return a specific design that suits the browser. This can also be mobile editions of a complex website and similar.


Considering our in-house 3D and animation competencies we offer more complex visual web solutions. To mention a few examples we offer development in Javascript/jQuery, Unity3D, HTML5 and CSS3, .NET and more.